Safe Sheild Microbes is an air chlorination pouch

Safe Sheild Microbes Influences the microbes layer and any virus, Bacteria, Allergies all exists on in the microbes only and safe shield creates protective layer of Microbes So that Viruses, Bacteria, Allergies get killed in their existance layer itself.

How Safe Sheild Microbes Works

Safe Sheild Microbes does air chlorination

Safe Sheild Microbes protect from virus Bacteria and allergies by force of safe chlorine Microbes.

Microbes are tiny little things that are found all around us and are too small to be seen by the naked eye. they live in water soil and in the air. the human body is the home to the millions of these microbes to also called Microorganisms.

Use in crowded place like schools, offices, markets and other areas

Standard Operating


As most of the schools, coaching institutes are opening, now the safety of the students are more important for them now this is most important gadget to wear for safety. So while going out and sending your loved ones out remember to peel off the safety.


Travelling is the most essential part of our living taking cabs, public transports where we don’t know who travelled before us, its time to take worry free trips in cabs, public transport even in your own vehicle... just peel off the safety with safe shield microbes.


One of the most crowded place full of colleagues you can’t deny hand shake and hugs there. Sharing things are also on higher side, for every office goer it is very important to carry safe shield microbes around his/her neck or pluck with shirt and peel off the safety for yourself and for others too.

About Company & Director

Aar Vee Healthcare is a marketing company committed to helping patients lead healthier, better lives by enabling patients and health care provider to access high quality established medicines and innovative products.

Mr Gaurav Sharma (Director) is a, MBA Graduate. He has more than 17 years of Pharmaceutical Sales experience, 12 years of which have been as a Regional Sales Manager In Sun Pharmaceutical Mumbai and 4 years as partner with 3 Gen Pharmaceutical Chandigarh. In the year Sept. 2019 he started his own Company Aar Vee Healthcare.

Our Values


We work together, combining the intellectual power of our global, multicultural workforce to find ways to improves the lives of patients.


We insist on the highest ethical behaviour in all aspects of our work. We operate in a highly complex and competitive environment, but we always aim to do what's right for the healthcare system and customers we serve


We believe in open and transparent relationships, both internally and externally. We aim to be accessible to our partners, customers and patients; we strive to deliver the best possible service.


We don’t sit back. We constantly strive to create new opportunities that deliver value.


Safe shield Microbes is the only product in the world which influence the Microbes layer as we all know any Virus, Bacteria, Allergies all exists in the Microbes only and Safe Shield (Microbes) ™ creates protective layer of Microbes so that Viruses, Bacteria, Allergies gets killed in their existence layer itself. we already filed Patent and trade mark for SAFE SHEILD (MICROBES).

Aar Vee Health Care has MOU with Panjab University Microbiology department / Dr. Sanjay Chibber and Dr. Naveen Gupta , through CIIP (Centre for Industry Institute Partnership) Panjab University by Dr. Sanjeev Puri for giving technical assistance to observe the effect of SAFE SHEILD MICROBES on Gram positive and negative bacteria.

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International references of CIO2 are given below:

The Open Antimicrobial Agents Journal, 2010, Volume 2

Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2017, 14, 329


Concise International Chemical Assessment Document 37 ½
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